Back to Life. Back to Reality.

things I’ll miss about summer

  • watching my cats sleep through the afternoon
  • having the windows open all day
  • teaching myself to make random cocktails
  • spending whole days reading slash fic
  • spending whole days writing slash fic
  • not having to go to class
  • drinking beer for no reason at three in the afternoon
  • fireflies and my amazing, self-regenerating geraniums

things i’m excited about for fall:

  • hanging out with my brilliant and talented colleagues
  • going overseas for the first time in over a decade
  • moving one semester closer to the end of my coursework
  • being busy and not having as much time to worry
  • coloring in my map of the US on election night
    (blue for obama; red for romney)
  • reading things a prof assigns that I wouldn’t have otherwise
  • spending all day studying slash fic
  • spending all day writing about slash fic
  • watching and then dissecting season 8 of supernatural
  • juggling too many balls in the air and seeing where they land

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