Sterek Fic Recs

Ah, Sterek. How I love you.

I’m fond of all of the stories on this list, each for very different reasons–gorgeous writing, great humor, lots and lots of sex. There are many different takes on Sterek represented here, too: there’s angst and UST, romance and eyebrows, with a few AUs thrown in for good measure.

The stories are alpha (heh!) by title; the author’s name is in parenthesis next to each title. Unless otherwise noted, each title’s a link to the full text of the story.

May you find something here that you like.

Advanced Vocabulary (LolaFeist)
A story of SAT flashcards, Derek’s angsty feelings, and gorgeous, romantic sex.

According to Plans (eldee)
There’s something wicked in the woods of Beacon Hills—something that wants Stiles, apparently, and will work its purple-and-orange-glitter mojo to get him. But Derek steps in and says just the right (fake boyfriend-y) thing, and now, oh crap, they’ve gotta keep it up for way longer than they’d planned. Sweet, creepy, and funny in just the right measures, this story also deals with the whole “Stiles is underage” thing in a really interesting way.

all you’re giving me is friction (drunktuesdays)
Unintentional flirting like whoa. All the alphas want get them some Stiles. Stiles is clueless about what makes him so hot. Derek nearly has a heart attack.

And Now I’m Sunk (pandacowhipster)
Being in love with Stiles throws Derek off his game. Sweet, romantic, and snarky.

Be True To Who You Are (dedougal)
Five snapshots of times when the boys pretended to be boyfriends. You know, because they totally had to. And a glimpse at one time when it wasn’t pretend.

Darling It is No Joke (thehoyden)
Papa Stilinski gets a new deputy down at the station, this guy named Hale. And this guy? He really, really likes Stiles, much to Stiles’ (eventual) delight.

DILF (twentysomething)
The story that sealed my affection for Sterek. Derek’s raising his sister’s sons, Scott and Jackson, and it’s not easy, but he’s just about got the hang of it. Then Scott starts kindergarten in Mr. Stilinski’s class, and suddenly Derek’s life is one happy mess of confusion. In theory, this is like the opposite of fics I usually like—it has kids, for fuck’s sake!—but look. It’s awesome. Jackson as a moody big brother? Perfect. And Scott as a five-year old is the best channeling of his floppy puppy energy I’ve read so far. A slow building romance that everyone can see coming a mile away—except for Derek, of course. This story made me so damn happy.

Dripping with Alchemy (canistakahari)
Hurt/Comfort. Derek cares for Stiles after he’s badly wounded. Tender and sexy on just the right side of rough.

Got ‘til It’s Gone (Saucery)
PWP. Um, phone sex. Stiles is at college, Derek isn’t, so there’s some vocal creativity called for. Yup.

hold my heart (it’s beating for you anyway) (xylodemon)
Derek finally finds the one he’s waited his whole life for, only—that person’s not waiting for him. Lovely, barbed-wire pain, with angst and yearning for miles.

i fall, i fall, i falter (affectingly)
Stiles and Derek have a thing that may or may not be healthy and it’s probably good they’re not together, not really, but their hate sex is dripping with love.

Like We Both Don’t Need This (strikereureka)
Derek is leaving. He won’t tell Stiles why, exactly, or when he might come back. Bittersweet with some heat.

A Pack Thing (triedunture)
Derek’s pack gets a little antsy because Stiles doesn’t smell right. Doesn’t smell like pack. So they convince him—and Derek—to set things to rights. This isn’t a story of sexytimes; it’s sensual and a little awkward but warm and safe in the end.

Pack Up; Don’t Stray (the_deep_magic)
AU: slavery. Slavery fics aren’t my thing (sensing a theme here?) but the world in this story’s very well done. It’s not slavery for kink, it’s key to the plot, and I think that makes all the difference. In this world, werewolves are kept by their human masters. Stiles is a cop who’s just about to go off duty one night when one of his colleagues drags in a werewolf who’s missing a tag. As in: he’s a stray. And oh, yeah, surprise: he’s an alpha. The relationship between Stiles and Derek is what makes this story for me—it’s a slow but steady build, and when they finally get together, it’s on exactly the right terms. Also, there is tattoo kink at the end, which: yes.

The Scientific Method (ureaneia)
Stiles does RESEARCH. On werewolf sperm. In Derek’s kitchen. For contraceptive purposes, damn it. Aggressively silly and sweet. And mucho frustrated Derek.

Secret Weapon (artenon)
Derek likes belly rubs. Stiles finds out. Silly, sweet fluff ensues.

One thought on “Sterek Fic Recs

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for your work and effort in putting this list together, it’s really great and I’ve read them all now and it’s just 😀 😀 😀 – my favourites were DILF and Scientifc Method. So yeah, thanks for sharing your amazing taste. 😀

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