SPN Fic Recs

I’m fond of all of the stories on this list, each for very different reasons. Some feature terrific writing, others are hilarious, some are wall-to-wall sex, some have no sex, and most of them rest in between.

New fics this go round are tagged with **

I’ve broken this list into ten categories:

  • Destiel (39 fics)
  • Wincest (61 fics)
  • Wincestiel (7 fics)
  • J2/AU J2 (27 fics)
  • Cockles (6 fics)
  • Mishalecki (3 fics)
  • Jared/Jenson/Misha (5 fics)
  • JDM/Jensen (4 fics)
  • Dean Winchester/Jared Padalecki (2 fics)
  • Miscellaneous (6 fics)

In each category, the stories are alpha by title; the author’s name is in parenthesis next to each title. Unless otherwise noted, each title’s a link to the full text of the story.



Actus Fidei (manic_intent)
Priest AU. Dean Winchester’s a priest; makes it easier for him to hunt all the evil that hell keeps kicking into the world. He’s doing fine on his own, too, until heaven kicks Castiel to his side to “help.” Great structure, super hot, and clever.

Cold Academic Hell ‘verse (moorishflower)
College AU. Includes Sabriel. Dean and Sam are making it through college, which is fine. But Dean’s advisor is a dick, which is not. Luckily, Mr. Novak—Castiel—is willing to help Dean out. They sorta flirt, maybe, but things get awkward and fumbly and then find their way back to awesome. Eventually. This is warm and fuzzy stuff: sweet and emotionally valent. These stories just feel right. The Dean/Cas stuff is great, and I think this is the first time I’ve ever bought Sabriel. Blew a whole afternoon reading this ‘verse and grinning like an idiot. Technically, it’s a WIP, but there’s enough resolution to make it worth your while.

Crossroads State (thirstyrobot)
A freaking awesome AU. Castiel’s life has a routine: he makes tea, he runs, and he teaches six periods of students at the local Catholic high school. But then Dean Winchester moves in down the block, and the happy messiness of his life starts to spill over into Cas’, starts to make Cas realize how much he’s been missing out on. The characterizations in this baby are amazing: Cas, Dean, Sam—sure—but also a fantastic Balthazar, Gabriel, and Anna. It’s domestic AU with lots and lots of UST, but when they get together, it feel so well earned and amazing and right. A story I wanted to rip through to see what happens, damn it!—and that I never wanted to end. J’adore.

cut it out and then restart (cheesewithmy)
Bunker!fic. Castiel is human, and Dean wants to help him with that. Really, he does. But then they have hot drunken sex–at least, Dean thought it was hot–and Cas never brings it up again. In fact, he goes on a 2014!style drugs, booze, and sex binge, much to Dean’s chagrin and confusion. Lots of misunderstandings here, with a very nice appearance by Charlie–one of the few in fic I’ve found convincing–and a lovely ending full of heartfelt confessions and blowjobs.

Dean Winchester Is Not A Pervert (primativepublic)
PWP. Which means of course, that he is. Dean picks up a kid he’s sure isn’t legal, but the boy’s hot and Dean’s ready and he figures, damn the torpedoes. Except the kid isn’t quite what he seems. Smut like whoa and yet a story that leaves me with a big stupid grin every time. No, not just like that, you perv.

Epilogue (Jayne L)
End!verse AU. At the end of the world, Lucifer sends End!verse Cas back in time, to a point not long after Dean returned from 2014. Cas doesn’t handle it well. Neither does Dean. I can’t think of another story, from any fandom, that’s flipped me from hot-as-hell to openly weeping like this story did. This story broke my heart, and yet it has a happy ending of sorts. Beautiful, awful, and perfect in its own way, is this one. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Equinox (luchia)
AU time travel. Oh my lord. This dude named Cas starts popping up in Dean’s life when he’s a kid, filled with knowledge a future that he seems to be living out of order. But one thing’s always clear: whoever Dean is in the future, he’s gonna love this guy. A story that demands your attention—you gotta work to keep up—but holy crap. Is it worth it. Love this one.

Faith (crowleyshouseplant)
A End!verse Castiel/Dean story. Cas reflects on what it means to love Dean at the end of the world. Oh, and more on those orgies he’s so enthusiastic about. Sad and beautiful.

Fourth Wall series (entangled_now)
AU canon divergence. Link above is to masterpost; scroll to the end of the page to begin. Part I. Sam gets pissed when he figures out that Supernatural slashers are writing more Destiel than Wincest. Like, way more, and it only gets worse when Dean lets Castiel start reading slash fic. And let’s just say that Cas is a voracious reader. A characters-reading-fanfic story that’s unlike any I’ve ever read; hey, I always dig it when fandom comments on its own practices, and entangled_now does it beautifully here. It gets even better when Lucifer shows up and kicks the plot into gear. There’s some Sam/Lucifer, sort of, but nothing graphic, and believe it or not: it makes perfect sense. Heh.

Get Me Closer to God (obstinatrix)
PWP. Um, ok. There’s an animal spirit thing possessing a town. Dean and Cas get caught up it. Feverish, needy wall sex ensues. In public. A story that burned my brain like fire. Bonus points for some nods towards knotting.

The Girlfriend Experience (rageprufrock)
Cas has problems adjusting to his newfound humanity. Well, one particular problem that Dean’s more than willing to help out with, because that’s what Dean does, you know? Worries about making other people feel good. Then things get good and complicated. I adore this story; it’s one that put a big stupid grin on my face. Made me happy as hell and so sad to see it end. Some great exploration of Dean’s sexuality, of his relationship to and use of sex: one of my favorite topics in fic, and so perfectly played with here. Hot as hell, beautiful, and smart.

A Good Place For Letting Go (Sour_Idealist)
Dean and Cas are on this beautiful little island off Scotland and all Dean can think about, accidentally, is how he’s so not gay. And how much he wants to be with Cas. This is the most gorgeous fic I’ve read in ages: amazing location, more Dean wrestling with his weird attitudes towards his own sexuality, and great characterization. I don’t fangirl out over fic often, but this one had me cheering.

How to Romance a Human (cloudyjenn)
Cas figures out that he loves Dean. But he’s not sure what to do with that information, exactly. So, like any good hunter, he does his research. Unfortunately, his sacred text of choice is Cosmo. This story’s cute without being saccharin, and I love the characterization of Cas here. Let there be giggling.

In Translation (22by7)
Castiel finds that he enjoys reading. Especially poetry. Short, sweet, and so very sexy.

Inevitable Homoeroticism in Spanish Romantic Heroes (prosopopeya)
Grad school AU. Dean’s a grad student in Spanish and he kind of has a thing for Castiel, one of the profs in the department. But Cas only teaches undergrads, which Dean so is not, and it sorta seems like he’s flirting back, but Dean’s not totally clear on what’s happening between them. There’s a terrific slow (but not too!) build in this story; it’s nicely detailed and well-grounded in the author’s own experience in grad school. A nice hot bath of a story.

It’s Always the End of the World Somewhere (scaramouche)
High school AU. Dean’s the popular jock, Cas is the druggy weirdo who’s so not, and this is the messy story of how they get together. Eventually. A story’s that’s sprawling, awkward, and ultimately satisfying.

Journey’s Course (tracyloo-who)
Castiel loves Dean. Dean loves him, too. But he’s not quite ready, yet. Get the tissues.

The Joy is in the Process (rhymephile)
High school AU. Cas is the first person that Sam and Dean meet in their new hometown. At first, all three boys are inseperable, but then something changes between Cas and Dean that Sam doesn’t really understand. I love the Sam POV here; overall, this story tugs on your heart and sure, it ends a little too easy, but it’s warm and sweet and good. And Cas as an X-Files fan? Perfect.

Just After, But Before (cymbalism)
Post-Purgatory. An beautiful alternate take on the beginning of season 8. Dean and Cas make their way back to the world and hole up in a vacant hunting cabin for a time to recover. It’s a first time fic, it’s a fix-it fic, it’s a yeah, this is why Cas and Dean love each other fic. A great example of how fanfic can rush into the gaps or missed chances of canon and create something wonderful.

**Love Is An Angel (Disguised As Lust) (alwaysamy)
PWP. Set sometime after season 5’s “Changing Channels,” this is warm, sexy portrait of the boys enjoying each other in bed. It’s hot, yeah, but it’s also intimate and close in a way that I really like. Very fine Dean POV as well.

Love is Not a Victory March (electricskeptic)
Dean and Cas get together in the aftermath of 6.12, “Caged Heat.” I’m a sucker for Destiel first times. So sue me. And I have a big ‘ol soft spot for season 6.

My Eyes Are An Ocean (entangled_now)
AU canon divergence. Part II. Team Free Will has triumphed, the world is safe from Heaven at last, and in the grand scheme of things, Dean figures that losing his eyes is pretty fucking small price to pay. Especially since the last thing he saw was Castiel’s true form. Everything’s firing on all cylinders in this story: the TFW dynamics are just right; Sam and Dean are pitch perfect; and the Destiel is just achingly lovely. My only complaint? Read it. You’ll see.

My Mirrored Room, My Secret Life (obstinatrix)
End!verse PWP. There’s only one person who knows what his Fearless Leader needs, why he wants to be on his knees, and, oh, you know that’s Cas. Some very in-character D/s for these two, these remixes of the Cas and Dean that we know, and more than a little sad.

**The Nature and Kynde of a Lyon (whit_merule)
AU. Knotting. Also Gabriel/Dean, with the suggestion of Gabriel/everybody. To me, this is a Dean/Cas fic at its heart, though there’s a lot of sex between other people as well. If that’s not your thing, skip this one. Gabriel is the leader of a ragged but loving flock. Dean, one of his charges, goes into heat early, with only his friend and once-lover Cas for company–except they weren’t supposed to have slept together, exactly. There are misunderstandings galore, lots of unnecessary guilt, and mucho knotting sex. What makes this one stand out for me, though, is the world building. There’s a lot of shading and showing, rather than flat-out telling, which I quite liked as well.

Passing (xenoamorist)
Stuck at another Supernatural convention, a cool fangirl helps Dean to admit—to himself, anyway—that he is, you know, bi. At least where Castiel is concerned. A nice elixir to episode 7.8, if you need to bleach your brain after all of the fan-hate in that ep. No Destiel sex here, just discussion thereof.

Sand in Your Pockets and Nothing on Your Mind (annundriel and obstinatrix)
AU. PWP. Sequel to The Summer Holds A Song (rec’d below), but as the authors note, this one can be read on its own. The summer’s given Castiel a beautiful gift–Dean Winchester in his bed–and it’s not one he’s looking to waste. Dirty and gorgeous sex with a flirty, needy Dean. What more could you want?

Second Chances (icarus_chained)
End!verse Cas gets one dying wish. Lord have mercy. I made the mistake of reading this one in public. Sniff. This one’s so, so sad and just lovely.

The Second Circle (electricskeptic)
PWP. Season six + succubus = yes, please. Electricskeptic seems to have a thing for writing season 6-era PWP, and i heartily approve.

Showing, Not Telling (zelda_zee)
PWP. It’s way easier for Dean to show Cas why submission can be awesome than to try and explain. I’ve read a lot of Destiel D/s, but this is one of the few that’s rung true; it still feels like Cas and Dean, bondage or not—and that’s what makes it hot.

So Glad We Made It (scaramouche)
AU. There are a lot of “Dean and Cas have known each other since childhood” stories out there, but for my money, there are few lovelier or more satisfying than this one. Their friendship feels real–simple and complicated in ways that neither of them really gets, of course, until it’s on the edge of being lost. Just–do yourself a favor and settle in with a warm cup of tea and this story on a cold winer’s night. You won’t be sorry.

Something Unexpected (cloudy jenn)
High school AU. Sort of. Starts off with a dirty, dirty premise–Principal Novak and naughty HS senior Dean, anyone? yes–and morphs into something surprisingly sweet. The storytelling style is unique, featuring short sharp shocks of text, rather than a straight through narrative, but cloudy jenn makes it work beautifully. Pervy for sure, with a bonus appearance by everyone’s favorite terrible dad, John Winchester. But things work themselves out in the end.

The Summer Holds A Song (We Might Sing Forever) (annundriel and obstinatrix)
AU. Castiel’s a writer looking for quiet place to finish his book. He rents John Winchester’s beach house for the summer, and, oh, quiet’s the last thing he finds. Hot, a little pervy, and satisfying. I rec the sequel, Sand in Your Pockets and Nothing on Your Mind, above.

This Is Us (entangled_now)
Fuck-or-die. Castiel will do anything for Dean. That’s a given. So the sex thing doesn’t seem strange to him. But Dean’s not so sure.

**Too Many Mistakes to Trade (sour_idealist)
Sort-of End!verse AU. A rarity: Dean/Cas/Jo. The Croatoan virus is steadily ending the world, and the only comfort Jo can find, somehow, is tangled up with Dean and Cas. This is dark, dark stuff, but satisfying, watching these three cling to each other. This one surprised me, which I always enjoy.

**Unknown Quantities (xylodemon)
Bunker!fic set in Season 10. A classic “we’re screwing but not really talking about it” set up, with gorgeous characterization and a side of domestic bliss. Love this one.

The Vessel (chellefic)
Castiel’s vessel—Jimmy—gets nicked, and Cas takes up residence in Dean until the wayward body can be found. It’s the emotional intimacy that makes this story turn—yeah, there’s a little hands-on action, but it’s really a tale of Dean and Cas getting cool with being in love.

The Violin House (teh_helenables)
AU. Cas and Dean settle down. As friends, mind you. Cas learns to play the cello. Dean gets a job with UPS. Normal feels pretty good. And then a war breaks out in Heaven and Cas gets called up. Amazing, amazing writing and gut-wrenching sweet sad ache. You will cry. But they’ll be well-earned tears. A terrific story.

The World That We’ll Invent (obstinatrix)
PWP. Dean gets Cas back from the Leviathans, and there’s only one way he knows to illustrate his relief. One of those rare stories that’s sex from start to finish and get manages to twist in all those big, beautiful emotions that these two can draw out of each other.

**You’d Better Stop and Rebuild Your Ruins (xylodemon)
Season 10 fic. The Mark of Cain starts raising a little hell in Dean’s blood again, and Sam gets worried and calls Cas. Which would be awkward enough even if Dean and Cas hadn’t fucked that one time in Idaho and never talked about it again. Angst, self-denial, and uncertainty, plus the fantastic characterizations that are xylodemon’s forte.



And I Have Asked To Be Where No Storms Come (candle_beck)
Pre-series. Part II. John doesn’t know how it’s happened, but there it is: Sam’s become a son, a man, that seethes fury all the damn time. For Sam, there’s just one more year. That’s all he has left to wait: one more year and he can get out, get away from his father, from the life he’s learned how to hate.  But they both know, John and Sam, that if there’s anything that’ll make Sam want to stay, to put up with his father’s bullshit just a little bit longer, it’s his brother. It’s Dean. Heartbreaking and perfect, this story. It’ll gut you.

As Good As It Gets (bewaretheides15)
Dressing up sucks. Drunk!Sammy sucks. The evening’s nearly a total loss until the boys stumble into the coat check and Dean starts pulling Sam’s hair. I have a thing for drunk!Sammy. So sue me. Also, the boys in tuxs is never a bad place to start…

Back Country Roadmap (astolat)
Dean admires his fucked-up mind’s ability to use Sam as jackoff material. Now if only he could figure out how to get Sam to see it his way. I love this take on Dean: he’s love, angst, lust, dickishness, and pretty piss-poor seduction skills all rolled into one.

Beautiful Scars (mickeym)
Sam gets his soul back. Reunion sex ensues. Lovely, a little sad, and hot.

Binding (astolat)
In the wake of “Born Under A Bad Sign,” Bobby gives the boys some talismans to keep the nasty at bay. Everything seems just fine until Sam and Dean find themselves, you know, having sex in the woods after a hunt with no idea why or how they suddenly can’t keep their hands off each other. Check out my review of the story here.

Bury My Old Soul And Dance On Its Grave (dreamlittleyo)
AU. Sam rules Hell. Dean’s chosen to stay by his side. And sometimes, Dean’ll push, he’ll shove, he’ll pull a few strings of his own until Sam reminds him who’s really in charge. Creepy, beautiful, and insidious, is this one. Boy!king fics aren’t my thing, as a rule, but this one has its own special vibe.

Catch Your Death (Road Rhythm)
Sam is fighting the flu tooth and nail as he tries to convince Dean that the job they’ve stumbled onto in utterly un-scenic Columbia, MD is worth investigating. What seems like a simple salt-and-burn of a high school nerd murdered by his popular classmates gets complicated, fast; as Sam’s physical health deteriorates, so does the boys’ hold on what the hell is actually happening inside an abandoned apartment building. My review of this story here.

Carry Me Over The Sky (Killa)
It’s just after “Crossroads Blues” and both boys are still on edge. Tequila, angst, and exhaustion lead to some lovely sex which Dean immediately fucks up by getting angsty and self-flagellating as hell. Truly beautiful writing: expressive, descriptive, and pitch-perfect in terms of character.

The Calendar Hung Itself (musesfool)
An alternate take on Season 3. It’s Dean’s last year, and he’s collecting little pieces of his life, one after the other, as a reminder. But Sam’s doing the same, not to remember who Dean was, but to ensure that Dean will continue to be. Beautiful, expressive writing, a terrific structure, and a POV Dean that’s right on target. It’s just right, this story, in every possible way.

Coast on Through (philalethia)
Dirty, dirty post-first time Wincest. Yes. And yet somehow, all that filthy hot sex helps the boys figure out just how much they mean to each other, quickies in gas station bathrooms notwithstanding. Great dirty talking Sam, needy-and-he-knows-it Dean, and feelings tangled up in between.

Coup D’Oeil (obstinatrix)
Sam and Dean take their clothes off in front of each other all the freaking damn time, right? You know. No big deal. Until it kind of is. No sex here, but damn, very hot all the same.

Desired (astolat)
PWP. Sam gives Dean whatever he asks for—which is mostly spanking. Um, yeah.

Easy To Fool When You Were In School (Road Rhythm)
A pissed-off spirit reveals that Sam wants Dean, which Dean can kinda understand it because, well, he is really hot. But Sam doesn’t want to talk about it, much less do anything about it, it’s up to Dean to figure out why his brother finds him so irresistible.

**The First Time Now I Come Alive (transfixeddream)
A story about all the first times in Sam’s life–except the one that he finally figures out he really wants. Outstanding Sam POV.

Five Times Dean and Sam Had To Fuck-or-Die (smallcaps)
PWP. It’s all in the title. Lovely porn and porn and then, the end. Oh, the end.

The Genius Who Hides In Man’s Tormented Soul (veronamay)
Sam starts noticing that Dean reads, that he takes pleasure in reading. And Sam? He might just get off on that, a little bit. I think Dean + books might be my newest OTP. This one is just great.

Give and Take (mickeym)
PWP. Straight-up spanking fic. Dean needs reassurance from Sam. And Sam knows just how to give it to him. Emotional and sexy as fuck.

Gone Again (candle_beck)
Dean’s been without Sam for four months, four months since they put their hands on each other in ways that maybe brothers shouldn’t, but it’s destroying Dean’s life, living without Sam. Then Sam reaches out for help and Dean can’t help but go to his side. Candle_beck has a special ability as a writer to crack your heart open in two, and oh gods, does this one deliver. There’s a prequel and a sequel, but for my money: stick with just this one. And have tissues handy.

Gossamer (leonidaslion)
AU. Fairies. Non con. H/C. If that hasn’t stopped you: this is a very challenging tale.  It’s told out of sequence, in short little burst of story, at times. It’s disturbing as hell, unsettling and sad. Dean is kidnapped by a king of the fairies and transformed in more ways than one. Sam fights to get him back, because that’s what they do, right? This story’s unlike any I’ve ever read, fanfic or not; it got me by the throat and wouldn’t let me go until it was done. Heed the warnings.

Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe (queenklu)
Stanford era, curtain!fic. Dean can’t stand the thought of spending Christmas without Sam–of Sam spending it without him–so he goes to Palo Alto at the end of Sam’s first semester. I haven’t read a fic that’s made me this happy in a long, long time: it’s just the right mix of schmoop, angst, and holiday ritual. And who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Hush (leonidaslion)
PWP. Sam wants to fuck. Dean can’t keep his freaking mouth shut in bed. Dad’s in the room next door. Dilemma. But not really. And Toppy!Sam here has a dirty, dirty mouth.

I Feel Flames Again (fleshflutter)
AU. The Apocalypse doesn’t happen, leaving Dean to deal with its remains: a recovering boy!king Sam. It’s bad enough that Sam’s broken–that he’s all Dean’s got left to fix–but what’s worse is that he’s not sorry for anything he did. This one is dark dark dark; it features some beautiful, terrifying imagery and a key moment of almost non-con. But believe it or not: there’s a kind-of happy ending, waiting at the end of it all. It’s a story that’s stayed with me, somewhere between a shiver and a smile.

The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist’s Bride (fleshflutter)
Link is to masterpost. Ok, see, Sam’s gotta become the Antichrist–you know, in order to save the world. Turns out that the least-bloody way of doing that, though, involves marrying his brother. Sort of. There’s a fantastic world at the center of this story, one that features a rowdy Greek chorus of angels and demons and a key text by Jack Kerouac. Funny, weird, and far too much fun to read.

The Firefly Who Loved Metallica (fleshflutter)
AU end of season 3. Sam manages to save Dean’s soul, but who knew the thing would glow like a fairy and taste like cotton candy? A strange and ultimately loving tale that features A+ appearances by Bobby, Ellen, and Jo and a fantastic take on Sam.

Ink (norah)
A Sammy-gets-off-on-pain story. Sam starts getting tattoos and, for some reason, decides not to tell Dean what he’s doing. That’s it, really, the whole set up–but damn, does norah spin it out into this lovely web of humor, sex, and takeout food. My review here.

The King of Imperfection Takes Back the Prince of Mistakes (britomart_is)
AU. The writer calls this a fairy tale, one that begins with “happily ever after.” The boys have settled down, post-Apocalypse, and for the most part, it’s great. But sometimes, they fight, somebody runs away, and then they’ve gotta put themselves back together. I dig this story because it surprised me, Sam’s bunny slippers and all.

Kant’s Dove (Jay Tryfanstone)
AU. Sam’s always been an angel. But then he runs into this guy, Dean, who gives him the blowjob of his life outside a bar, and that’s when Sam starts to suspect the world he’s always known might be even more complicated than it seems. There’s an amazing, amazing post-Rapture world in this story, and a take on the boys that’s off-center in just the right way. Loved this one.

Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too (astolat)
The boys take down the trickster at last and go out to celebrate. But everyone they encounter–hotel clerks, waiters, random people in a bar–all treat them as a couple. Like, way more than usual. And it’s not just that people suspect that they’re gay–they are definitively read and treated as a couple, which kinda pisses Dean off, but hey. Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong, not really. Heh. My review here.

Kokomo (destina)
The boys take a week off—much to Dean’s dismay, at first—and spend a week on the beach. Fluffy, sexy, and sweet with the occasional sandcastle.

Last Day on Earth (candle_beck)
Things go bad on a routine hunt and Sam’s got 24 hours to live. Shocker: he takes it better than Dean. But then, Sam’s got a plan, a few things he’d like to do before he fades to black. Not gonna lie: I read this with a hand over my eyes, practically, fearing for the end, but it’s worth it; this story is beautiful and sexy and sad and so on point with the boys that it sings.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat (mdashes)
PWP. Late season 6-ish. Dean washes Sam’s hair. Sam likes it. A lot.

Lead Us On (philalethia)
Part II. Sam has his soul back, which is great, but it’s like Dean has to learn how to live with him, hunt with him, all over again. The kid’s still acting squirrely, to Dean’s mind–and Dean’s vivid dreams about the two of them fucking aren’t helping matters at all. I like this one because it takes its time exploring territory that season six seemed eager to skip through in favor of advancing the plot–or, you know, not. And Dean’s roundabout way of thinking is nicely rendered here. Well-rounded and satisfying, this one.

Life As We Know It (sevenfists)
The boys go off the road for a while when Sam’s badly hurt (yet again). There are curtains, miles and miles of Dean’s angst, and some hot, fumbling sex.

Like Staring Into the Sun (nyxocity)
PWP. Sam starts bringing home girls to share with Dean. But the whole meaning of share gets blurry real fast, and Dean has to figure out exactly what’s going on here—and if he really cares. This isn’t a new premise, but the execution here is…supernova-like. Wow. Het sex doesn’t usually do much for me, but the focus here is on the boys, despite the soft curves that Sam puts between them. Plus lots of toppy!Sam talking dirty in this one, which. Yes.

Loudmouth (veronomay)
After five hours of interrogation, Sam’s getting really freaking tired of the cops. So he gets a little creative, starts telling some crazy stories about he and Dean that aren’t exactly true. Until Dean overhears him, that is, and they make fiction into some smoking hot reality. Holy crap is this story hot. You’ve been warned.

A Matter of Trust (philalethia)
PWP. Dean gets it in his head that Sam wants to fuck him, and he’s not okay with that. Fooling around is one thing, but actually fucking? No. Yeah. It’s so not okay that Dean keeps bringing it up, keeps circling it in their conversation until finally…

Melody of Extemporanea (mickeym)
AU. Looking for a place to recover after Sam is terribly wounded (again), Dean takes him to a cabin owned by a friend of Bobby’s and they settle into a normal life. A lovely example of the “boys live happily ever after” subgenre.

Near Occasion For Sin (victoria_p)
Sam wants Dean. Dean says no. Sam comes at the problem from a different angle; several, really, ones with a few more curves than he has. This one comes pretty damn close to being all sex but, hey. Nothing wrong with that.

Never Too Drunk To (merepersiflage)
PWP. Sam is drunk off his ass, Dean is driving, and Sam decides that he needs to get off. That’s all there’s is to it, but baby, that’s enough.

Not That I Need Proof (nutkin)
As nutkin puts it, this story’s a coda to 4.1, “Lazarus Rising.” Sam can’t quite believe that Dean’s really back and he does what he must to prove that Dean is real. One of those rare stories that’s all sex and yet goes right for the heart.

Nothing to Lose (concernedlily)
Ah, Stanford. Dean drops into a bar near campus to surreptitiously spy on Sam—just to make sure that he’s ok. Honest. Some dude hits on Dean, though, and Sam really, really doesn’t like that. Very toppy!Sam (yes). My only complaint: the unnecessary coda.

Raindrops on Roses (astolat)
Exposure to a pseduo science/magic chemical unlocks Dean’s deepest desires: sex with Sammy and adopting a kitten. Very funny with a great kicker.

The Road to Shambala (astolat)
AU. The war with Hell is won and the boys have to find their own way forward. They take a break in New Orleans and Sammy lays all of his cards on the table. Lush and sexy, this one.

Second Glance (ygrawn)
POV John Winchester. Hold on: stay with me. John knows the boys love each other first, best, and always. He lives in the margins of their lives, and. This story is him thinking about that. It’s not about John watching the boys have sex. It’s an exploration of his admittedly fucked-up emotional life, one part of which is the bond his sons have with each other but never, ever with him. Structurally, this story is unique and challenging; it’s unlike any fic I’ve ever read. Which is a good thing, in my book.

Second Map of the World (candle_beck)
Sam’s loved Dean for forever, but jesus. He never thought he’d actually do anything about it. But one night in Topeka, he does and just fucks everything up. Great writing, terrific dialogue, and pitch-perfect Sam and Dean. I love this one. It’s just fantastic.

Setting The Mood (keerawa)
PWP. There’s a harridan that’s latched onto Sam’s sexual energy. He needs to get in the mood to draw her out, but alone in their motel room with bad porn—he just can’t. Luckily, Dean—who’s out stalking the harridan—is awesome at phone sex.

Shut Up, It’s Christmas (checkthemargins)
Soulless!Sam gives Dean a gift, but Dean’s the one who ties himself up in knots. I love this take on Soulless!Sam: one that’s more complicated than you often see in fic, than the show itself chose to show. He’s still Sam, Dean’s Sam, at some deep down level, and that rips Dean to pieces, seeing evidence of that.

Slow Ride (bewaretheides15)
PWP. For my money, this is the ultimate sex-on-the-Impala story. For one thing, bewaretheides15 gives the boys the privacy they need to take their goddamn time (as the title suggests, nu?). For another, the visuals are delicious; they’ll get etched in fire in your head. Thank you, Toppy!Dean and super agreeable Sam.

So Crawl Inside My Head With Me (entangled_now)
A short, sharp shock of Sam and Dean. In terms of a writer knowing these boys bone deep and completely, it doesn’t get much better than this.

These Things Happen and Always (bewaretheides15)
Stuff happens when the boys drink because it’s the only time that Dean lets himself believe that he deserves to be with Sam. That he lets himself be in love with Sam. “These Things” offers Sam’s perspective on the scene; “Always” offer’s Dean’s. A lovely, broken, throughly self-hating version of Dean here that’s so perfect that it breaks my heart.

This Is All Very Meta (road rhythm)
This is the story that brought me into the Wincest fold. Dean starts reading fanfic. Ok, he starts getting off on fanfic, too, but he’s not gonna tell Sam that. Hell, he just got Sam—the ensouled Sam—back, and that would be a little weird, even for them. But maybe he’s not as awesome at wiping the browser as he thinks. I love meta-stories because of road rhythm’s awesomeness here; she balances the self-mocking of our reading and writing practices (ahem) with supernova role-play sex between Sam and Dean. It is freaking amazing, this story.

A Thousand Shades of Red (nekare)
Sam’s growing up. It kind of sucks. But there’s one constant in his life: Dean. And for a long time, that’s enough. Until it isn’t. The second fic that’s ever made me cry, this one. It manages to build up the slow ache, and you know what’s coming. You have to. But it’s still a velvet fist in the gut when it comes.

Top This (leonidaslion)
PWP. Ah, yes. Magical roofies, an insatiable desire to fuck, and a freaking hilarious battle for status. A terrific splash of smut that makes me laugh every time I read it. Love this one.

Treat Her Like A Lady (causeways)
Dean says the wrong thing to the right witch and gets hit with a curse. A really specific one that dictates how he treats women. There’s just one problem: there’s only one “woman” in his life, and his name is Sam. Adorable premise, some fun gender discussions, and a conclusion that’s both hot and hilarious.

True and Unbroken (bewaretheides15)
When Sam comes back from hell, Dean knows something is wrong. Because the kid doesn’t smell right. And he may have fashioned an art of worshiping Sam’s smell. It was the only sense he could cling to, he tells himself, while the kid was in hell. The setup sounds kinky, perhaps, but the story plays out as sensuous and sad.

Two Queens (belyste)
Another in the “why do people think we’re gay?” meme. This time, Dean’s convinced that Sam is giving off gay vibes. Until a guy makes a pass at him when Sam isn’t around. Huh.

(uh huh uh huh) I like it (earthquakedream)
Sam’s kind of critical at just the wrong times—like when Dean is sucking his cock. Silly, hot porn—a combo that’s hard for me to resist.

Under Hill (astolat)
Don’t piss off elves. They’ll wipe your memories and then you’ll suddenly realize that the floppy haired stranger next to you in the Impala is kinda hot. Great sex, creepy elves, and a satisfying resolution to a very weird situation.

Wear Him Like A Habit (sevenfists)
PWP-ish. Dean likes to tease. Sam’s willing to put up with it. But Jesus Christ, Dean is going to fucking kill him one of these days. A story of adorable sexual frustration, if there is such a thing. Some great character insights here, especially into Dean.

What Feels Good (ash_carpenter)
PWP. The narrator calls it romantic, dry humping porn, which, ok, yes–but it’s also full of smart and thoughtful meta in addition to gorgeous, sweaty frottage.

Whatever You Say (jasmasson)
A witch’s cauldron explodes in Dean’s face at an inopportune moment, with interesting consequences for Sam’s behavior. Hee! Silly yet very hot.


Dirty Pretty Things (obstinatrix)
AU PWP. Cas is a genius. He’s convinced his gorgeous boyfriend and said boyfriend’s brother to go to bed with him and it’s even better than he’d imagined. The beautiful, smutty porn here and terrific, taut writing make this one I’ve come back to again and again.

Just One Thing (wolfrider89)
PWP. Godstiel convinces Sam and Dean that if they’ll do this one thing for him—if they’ll let him fuck them—then he’ll give back all those souls he stole from Purgatory. And the boys, of course, they say: yes. Toppy-as-fuck-Cas, if you like that sort of thing. You could make some non-con arguments here, so be warned.

Lacuna (obstinatrix)
Cas has never asked the boys for anything before. So when he asks, offers his own body in return, how can they say no? Because it’s all about Cas, right? At least, that’s what Sam keeps telling himself. Dirty, hot, and just the right mix of angsty and sweet. I dig Sam’s POV in this one, too.

Like A Slow Burn/We Crash And We Roll/Run Right Into You
(mournthewicked and obstinantrix)
PWP. Ok, look. Dean and Sam smoke pot, and it tends to make them both a little handsy. Which is well and good and great—and then Cas shows up at the worst/best possible time, and things really get interesting. This trilogy is all mindblindingly hot sex. Period. Well-written as fuck and balanced between Sastiel and Destiel, if you know what I mean. It is awesome. I made the fortunate mistake of finding this early one morning and it kind of blew away the rest of the day. If you’re on the fence about Wincestiel, give this a shot. God knows the boys will.

Vicarious (orbiting_saturn)
It’s the end of the world, and Sam and Castiel will do anything for Dean. Angsty as HELL and so very hot. This one hurts.


J2/AU J2

And When We Kiss ‘verse (standing_fic)
College AU J2. Link is to a PDF. Jared sits in front of Jensen in organic chem, and man, is he a dick. A dick that Jensen ends up tutoring, somehow. And crushing on, much to Jensen’s annoyance. A great world with a fine appearance by Chad being his douchy self and some nice achy UST. This one’s just a fun place to hang out.

Aural (lazy_daze)
AU J2. Part II here. Sometimes, I like to read stuff that I could never write. This is one of those, because man. I suck at writing dirty talk. Luckily, lazy_daze does not. In this story, Jen’s a techie looking for blackmail material on Jared, the attorney who’s railroading Jen’s uncle. And Jared? Just happens to frequent a gay sex line. Like you do. This one is miles of fantastically dirty talk. Man, is it hot. And how often can you say that Jared’s filthy mouth is key to the plot?

Bachelor Buttons (nutkin)
A second-person story from Jensen’s perspective. Heartbreaking and beautiful. To wit: “And you wonder, not for the first time, if maybe you’re more in love with the person you want him to be than the person he is.” GAH. Knife through the heart.

Bottoms Up (broadwriting)
Why I love this story: it flips the usual J2 script on its head. Instead of angsty Jensen lusting after Jared (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong), this one casts Jensen as the confident, flirty one, the one who just knows the whole world wants him. Jared, on the other hand, is puppies and rainbows and longing-until they end up in bed. Or the living room floor.

But My Homework Was Never Quite Like This (nyoxcity)
AU. I know, I know: everyone and their brother (heh) recs this story, but it’s been much on my mind as of late. Bratty!student Jared is determined to seduce hot!teacher Jensen, but it quickly becomes clear who’s really got the power in this relationship. Excellent, loving, super-dirty D/S. I admit, this story didn’t do it for me the first time. Or the second. But I’ve  come back to it again and again and now I’m a total schmoopy sucker whenever I hear George Michael’s “One More Time.” Features my favorite take on the Chad of all time. Seriously. He’s my favorite character in this ‘verse.

By the Letter (winterlive)
Happy, happy J2. Jensen ganks Jared’s iPod when the idiot leaves it lying around yet again, and discovers a playlist that’s named for him. And the songs on that list? Well. Let’s just say they suggest that Jay think about Jensen in a way that freaks Jensen out a little. This one is legit happy and sweet. Put a big stupid grin on my face.

Co-starfucking: An Idiot’s Guide to What Not to Do (causeways)
The boys spend all their freaking time together. They drink. They fuck. And that’s cool. But then Jensen, that idiot, has to go and fall in love with the Moose. Jesus. Now if only he could admit that to himself. Causeways sets a high standard for angsty, self-denying Jensen, and when the happy ending comes, it feels like everybody’s earned it.

Farther Away From Where We Are (causeways)
Part II hereSupernatural ends after five seasons, and Jensen’s ok with that. He really is. Yeah, he misses the Moose. Yeah, he’s a little down. Yeah, Danni breaks up with him, and he probably shoulda seen that one coming. But he’d rather not talk about it. At least, not to anyone but Jared. So he gets on a plane to San Antonio, climbs in the pick up, and what do you know. The thing lives up to its name. I know nothing about these boys in real life, ok, and yet this one rings so lovely and true. I’ve read a lot of “the boys move in together and suddenly everything’s awesome” stories, and they tend to get too hung up on the happy and get dull really quick. This one? Things are complicated. Funny, messy, a little stupid when it counts, and yet emotionally satisfying. And the sex is—yes.

Follow Where It Leads (pocketfullof)
They’re friends. They fuck. And Jensen’s cool with it for a while, at least until he’s afraid that it might actually mean something to him. So he pushes Jared away and pretends everything’s fine. Yeah, right. A nice easy sketch of a story; while it doesn’t break new ground plot-wise, pocketfullof’s take on the boys is great, especially from the depths of Jensen’s epically ass-backward headspace. And there is Chad.

The Golden Rule (valiant)
Jensen and Jared have a thing. Jared asks Jensen to do something for him, wear something for him all day on set that no one will know is there except the two of them. Jensen does it, and he likes it, but he’s still not totally sure how he feels about liking it, whatever the thing is between them. The sex is great here, but what makes it above average for me is the characterization of Jensen. He’s lost and confused and in love and a little messed up, trying to put all of those pieces together, and it works beautifully here.

A Good Employee Should Know What His Boss Wants (13chapters)
AU. Jensen’s the boss. Jared’s his big, beautiful, moosey admin. They drink. Stuff happens, things get weird, but it all works out in the end. As the writer notes, this set-up is cliche as hell and yet somehow? It works. Oh does it.

Half of Your Heart (jojothecr)
AU. I’ve never cried over slash fic before. This one broke my heart with a hammer and came back for the scraps. Jensen should be with her. Jared knows this. And this time, every time, it’s supposed to be the last. But they keep coming back to each other, a few times a year, and she knows. She tolerates. And Jared will, too. Because even a few hours with Jensen are better than none. That’s good enough, for now. Utterly heartbreaking and beautiful. Just fucking great writing.

In the Darkness (timehas_away)
PWP. Jared wakes up in the dark. Alone. Tied to the bed. Hard as hell, sure. But Jensen’s nowhere to be found. Narrow in focus, sparse in prose, and heart-stoppingly hot. Excellent toppy!Jensen here, too.

In the Flesh (bewardtheides15)
Werewolf AU. Take a dash of Hans Christian Anderson, toss in a blender with handful of snow and so many of sweetness. Top with a layer of angst, misunderstanding, and super hot sex and you have this beautiful, magical story. This one swept me up, unexpected, and reminded me how much I like surprises. I mean, anything by bewaretheides15 is aces, but this one is something special.

In Which Jared Makes a Realisation and Jensen Isn’t Nice (veronomay)
When their flight is delayed, the boys have an hour to kill. Jensen, of course, drags Jared to get coffee and yet somehow they end up having sex in an airport bathroom. Funny how that works. Great Jared POV here and a helpfully bossy Jensen.

Into the So Unknown (mournthewicked)
AU. Jared’s a rich kid following all the cliches, looking for himself out on the open road. He trips through smaller and smaller towns and then he just stops talking. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, exactly, and then a dude named Jensen comes to take his order at a no-name diner and, well. I adore this story. It’s emotional without being maudlin and sweet without hurting your teeth. One of those stories that I hated to see end.

**It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (jay tryfanstone)
AU. A lovely little story about what happens when someone stumbles into Jensen’s version of heaven. A hint: love. And Scrabble.

**The King’s Hound (jay tryfanstone)
AU. Warning for apparent non- (or at least very dubious) con, public humiliation, and, um, cock piercing. Jared’s an excellent king. He knows this. In no small part because he’s finally defeated the kingdom on his border and carried home the only spoil of war he really wanted: the defeated ruler’s son, Jensen. They met in battle once before, he and Jensen, and there is some unfinished business to attend to. Believe it or not, these boys get a happy ending.

Maybe This Time (bewaretheides15)
AU J2. Jared’s a freshman stuck in a senior dorm, but hey, his roommates seem cool. Except for Jensen, who apparently hates him with the heat of a thousand suns. Everybody shows up in this one: Misha as a stoner psych major, Daneel as Jared and Jensen’s boss. A hot and sweet sugar bomb, this baby will just make you happy as hell.

More Than You Know (nutkin)
J2. Second-person awesomeness from Jared’s POV. The boys take a road trip across the real USA, the one they’re always pretending about but haven’t ever seen. They eat bad food, get sunburned, don’t talk about their girlfriends, and stumble into being in love. Gorgeous writing; the author shades things with just enough well-chosen detail to paint a full portrait. I dig a little ambiguity in fic, and nutkin does it beautifully here. Another story I hated to see end, because it’s just about freaking perfect.

No Substitution (pianoforeplay)
Knotting. Ahem. Jared: Alpha. Jensen: Omega. Jensen knows he should want an alpha—it’s hardwired into his freaking DNA—but he’s never met one that did a damn thing for him. But then he does, and it’s his freaking co-star who already has a hot girlfriend, and fuck. What’s he gotten himself into? If you’re not into knotting as a rule, put the squick aside if you can and give this one a shot. It’s worth the risk.

Pretending Is Who We Are (bewaretheides15)
AU with heavy and awesome BDSM. The first in the Escort!AU series. Jensen’s an escort. Jared’s a dom. They’re roommates. It sounds like the set-up for bad porn, but no no: it’s the set-up for some really good porn that’s fed by a building set of emotions that neither of the boys is ready to deal with. Sprawling and lovely and dirty in just the right turns.

Private (ygrawn)
Inspired by this. Misha gets a little handsy with Jared onstage a con and damn, does Jensen not like that. But here’s the thing: Jared’s not his, not really. Not anymore. He should be with Danni. He knows this. But there’s something that reminds him of how it used to be, with him and Jared, gets the jealousy and the grief and the lust all mixed up in one, and, well. What I love about this fic—what surprised me—is the emotion in it. The genuine sadness mixed in with the scorching, toppy!Jensen sex. This reads more like real—whatever that is—than simple adolescent wish fulfillment. It hurts, but in the best way.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (belyste)
AU. Link is to masterpost. Jared’s brother’s getting married, but Jared’s idiot ex-boyfriend (who won’t even admit that he and Jared had a thing because he’s that much of an ass) will be there and damn, Jay would so rather not go alone. So he hires Jensen, an escort, to be his date. Ok, the set-up sounds cheesy, but y’all: it’s awesome. Terrific characterizations, happy scorching sex, and great writing. I love this one.

Sure to Lure Someone Bad (obstinatrix)
Knotting AU. Jensen should know better than to take the subway home when he’s in heat. But thankfully for us, dear reader, he doesn’t. Oh my gods is this one hot. It features scorching, semi-public sex and a surprisingly gentle ending.

Taking (veronamay)
BDSM AU that’s sexy as hell. Gah. Jensen’s a top dom. Jared wants to be owned. And they are kind of fucking perfect and amazing together. This one drifts close to being set at a “magical club of magical kinkiness,” as a colleague once put it, but hey. I so do not care. Jensen in this one? Dear lord. Incredibly freaking hot.

Truth (estrella30)
A short, perfect fic. The boys don’t talk about what’s happening between them. What is there to say?


And In Your Arms Defeated (qthelights)
Jensen tries to cheer everybody up at the wrap party for season six, because that’s who he is. What he does. But he’s not sure what to do when he spies Misha downing whiskey at the bar, quiet. Way too quiet. The best part of this story is the POV Jensen that it offers. Hell, I don’t know these people in real life, but there’s something in qthelights’ Jensen—controlled, performative, caretaking to a fault—that feels right to me.

Art Imitates Life (MollyC)
Meta!Misha/Dean and sort of Castiel/Dean. Set in the FrenchMistake!verse. Misha knows that Jensen’s not himself. He can tell. But how far is this other guy—the one who looks just like Jen—willing to go to prove him wrong? An alternate take on “The French Mistake” that’s by turn smart, smutty, and meta plot-heavy as hell. I went to this one having no idea what to expect, and was pleasantly and happily surprised. Part I of the “Not in Kansas” series.

The Same Big and Little Words (obstinatrix)
Misha has a thing for Jensen smoking. Ok, for Jensen, but the taste of smoke doesn’t hurt. A wee little fic that’s a short, sweet kick to the head.

Scotch!verse (kriari)
PWP. So take two of my favorite things–Cockles and decent scotch–toss them in a blender of hot, drunken sex and bingo: this series. The link above is to the first in the series, Laphroaig, but you can find links to the subsequent stories at the bottom of that page. Yeah, the sex is great, but it’s the excellent characterization of both Misha and Jensen pushes this series from one-night stand to stories I dig hanging out with. Love this one so very hard.

Solace Under the Neon Sky (qthelights)
Jensen’s in Vegas for Jared’s bachelor party, and he’s not really feeling the vibe. To be honest: he’s sorta depressed. And nobody notices—except Misha. Achy, sexy, and a little sad, this one. The interaction between Misha and Jensen is just great. You know, sometimes I wonder if qthelights isn’t Misha in disguise…

**Under His Skin (cjmarlowe)
College AU. Jensen may or may not be taking a poetry class just because Professor Collins is teaching it. Maybe. And he may or may not go out of his way to be someone he’s really not in order to get the professor’s attention. Entertaining, lightweight, and I always enjoy forays into Jensen’s fucked-up headspace. And Misha teaching poetry? Come on. And the last encounter we see between these two? Oh. Oh my.


Enlightenment (Janice_Lester)
A/B/O and college AU. Jared has a crush on his English teacher, Professor Collins. It’s not just that he’s gorgeous and smart and gives Jared a hard time in class, it’s that he smells so goddamn good. Gotta be his aftershave, right? Hee! This story is a rarity in any ship: a sweet, slow-build and happy A/B/O story with a bonus of virgin!Jared kink on the side. Fantastic appearances by Mark Shepherd in all his snark, weirdly caring glory, and by Richard Speight, being pretty much perfect. Really enjoyed this one.

OK Computer (obstinatrix)
Jared and Misha are drunk. Ok, maybe Jared’s a little more drunk than Misha. And Misha’s gonna press that advantage. Hilarious POV drunk!Jared. I love a good mix of funny and hot, and this one’s got it in spades.

Washington Is The King of Hearts (sparseparsely)
The story that convinced me to read Mishalecki. Heh. Everybody gets drunk in Jared’s trailer, Jensen finally drags his ass to bed, and then Misha starts playing with Jared’s hair. The sex in this story is just right: scorching but awkward, bumpy but ultimately great. Especially when they wake up Jensen.



Fight Training (Mina Lightstar)
PWP. Pure wish-fulfillment fic based on the “Jen busted his face in fight training” story that was flying around last fall. So they say his carpet burn was from wrestling, sure. But it’s way more fun if it wasn’t, right? Hee!

Give Something New a Try (lazy_daze)
Office AU. Part II. I love office AUs. I adore J2M. So, yeah, this story had me from jump. Hot new guy Jared? Check. Jensen in full-on tight ass boss mode? Ditto. Misha “skirt[ing] the edge of ‘eccentric’ and ‘being a dick'”? Yup. Throw in a Christmas dinner that goes from happy domestic to hot in 0.5 seconds and you’ve got a winner here, folks. Love this one.

Price of Admission (bewaretheides15)
PWP AU. Jared’s ok with his boyfriend Misha renting out their spare room. Hey, money’s always tight, right? But Jensen–polite, excellent new roommate Jensen–also happens to strip on his webcam for cash, and once Misha finds out, it’s only a matter of time before everyone ends up in bed. What can I say, except what starts off as happy dirty Mishalecki gets even better with Jensen added in.

Song of the Open Road (obstinatrix)
AU. Three college boys take a road trip. Lovely, sexy, and short. And there is coffee.

The Third Kind (bewaretheides15)
AU that borders on crack. See, there’s this alien in Jensen’s kitchen, one with a sweet tooth and an intriguing ability to remake itself in, uh, shall we say, a pleasing image. And that in itself would be fine–terrifying, maybe, but manageable–if Jensen’s agent, Misha, didn’t take such a liking to the thing and let it start watching porn. Great Jensen POV in the midst of a totally bizarre and inconveniently sexy situation.


Chaperon Rouge (pidgeongirl99)
Space AU. The author describes this as “Red Riding Hood in space.” I’m not a big fan of this ship, as a rule, but there’s something special about this story. It’s flrty flirty rather than sexy sexy, but there’s an energy to it, to the strange relationship between these two, that makes it sing.

Cut to the Quick (rosekay)
PWP. But this one, on the other hand? Is pure smut, people. Jensen gets off on Jeff’s possessed-by-a-demon voice on set. Things go downhill in the best possible way after that. Suggestions of D/s and dirty talk. Hell yes.

Decile (babyofthegroup)
PWP. More high-grade smut. Sparse storytelling, daddy issues, and dirty talk. It ain’t that long but honey, it don’t need to be.

On the Western Skyline (poisontaster)
Space AU. Jeff lives way out on the frontier. Jensen shows up, a mail-order bride for a spouse who’s gone and died during his journey. What’s Jeff to do except give him a warm place to sleep for the night? The atmosphere and world-building here is excellent; it’s not terribly long, but poisontaster chooses their words careful and man, can they cook. This one was a pleasant surprise–and send me a a spree of reading JDM/Jensen.

Dean Winchester/Jared Padalecki

Switch (silvrhuntress)
AU. A heavenly body comes up with a truly unique way to avert the Apocalpyse: switching Sam for Jared and Jared for Sam. I stumbled across this accidentally and freaking devoured the thing in one sitting. Great characterization—the eventual Misha and Cas interactions are awesome—and a really cool premise.

Vegas (eggnoged, therev)
AU. Dean meets a moose of a dude who looks like Sammy. So naturally, they fuck. It sounds like a PWP—and it is, sorta—but this one goes for your heart when you least expect it.


Archangel in Exile (TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel)
After he’s stabbed by Lucifer, Gabriel falls to Earth. The one where Supernatural is just a TV show and Misha Collins won’t put down his fucking cell phone. Especially Misha. Fuck, if Misha is 1/3 as awesome in “real” life as he is here, the universe may fold in on itself.

Castiel 2014 (silvrhuntress)
AU for “The End.” Zachariah sends Castiel to 2014 instead of Dean.

It’s All Real, Becky (crowleyshouseplant)
Becky’s perspective on meeting Sam [and Dean] in  5.1, “Sympathy For The Devil.” Awesome reclaiming of Becks from TPTB. I love all of crowleyshouseplant’s Becky-related fic. Use this one and “Phantom” (linked to below) as a launching point and check out the rest.

Peanuts (twoskeletons)
First-person Chuck Shurley! Chuck reflects on the logistics of getting your gossip straight from God. Funny, smart, and god, this story makes me miss Chuck.

Phantom Traveller (crowleyshouseplant)
How Becky Rosen came to love the Supernatural books.

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