Hannibal Fic Recs

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Blackbird (emungere)
Calling this just a D/s fic is totally unfair. It’s more than that, and yet that’s where it begins: with Will and Hannibal exploring sexual domination. But the story itself is cracking: it’s a great case fic that’s woven expertly into the strange, wonderful flowering of the two men’s relationship. Fan-fucking-tastic backup from Beverly Katz (who emungere writes better than anybody, for my money) and a resolution that’s wholly satisfying for everybody involved.

Consenting to Dream (emungere)
This is a great starter story for Hannigram. By that I mean: it’s beautifully written, in character as hell, and as carefully constructed as is Hannibal’s steady seduction of Will in this tale. I adore this one. Great podfic of the story is here.

Eremite (drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite)
AU, set post the events of Red Dragon. Will’s living homeless in Florence, scraping just barely by. Then this charming and very persistent British guy shows up one morning and won’t leave Will alone. But it a good way. It turns out he has a message for Will, from someone Will thought was long gone. A terrific turn by Anthony Dimmond here, and some heartbreaking reunion sex between two people who should’ve never been parted. A story that’s as much about the ambiance as the sex, and here, that works quite well.

Helghe & Yrse (loghain)
Will has some unresolved daddy issues of a rather unexpected kind. He’s embarrassed by them, so of course Hannibal wants to explore them in bed. Or, in a chair, as it were. Excellent conniving-yet-helpful Hannibal here, as well as a very believably shaky version of Will; this is a story I’ve been drawn back to again and again. That said, heed the warnings on this one, folks. Coming from Wincest fandom, incest in fic ain’t no thing for me, but if it is for you–even if the incest itself is all hypothetical–skip this one.

Home and Dry (mokuyoubi)
Post-S3 AU. Um. Well. There’s a lot I could say about this story (and what it’s, uh, done for me), but let me shorthand it instead: Will’s in a car with Alana and Jack when Hannibal decides to start sexting him. And then Will lets one little word slip in his response (*cough*daddy*cough*) that makes everything even more fun and dirty. If you’re looking for world-building or deep psychological explorations of the characters, look elsewhere, my friend. If you open this tale, you’ll stay for the unrepentant and glorious smut.

Honeymoon (sidnihoudini)
Post-S3. So how did Bedelia’s leg end up on a platter in the middle of her dining room table? This story answers that question and gives us a glimpse (through Bedelia’s POV, no less) into the murder husbands’ new dynamic. No sex here to speak of, but some lovely hints of sensuality between Hannibal and Will and a delicious take on dark!Will. Nice exploration of Bedelia–the biggest cypher in the series, for my money–in this one.

Hunger goes in a straight line [desire turns in circles] (romans)
Hannibal/Will/Abigail. This isn’t an OT3 for everyone, but I’ve found no tale that better argues how and why these three might/could/should end up in bed together. Trust me–like Abigail trusts Hannibal here–and give this one a go.

I Don’t Even Like Lana Del Ray (perpetuallycaffeinated)
After a dinner party, Will and Hannibal retire to the breakfast nook for some coffee. Then Will’s phone rings, Lana Del Ray sings, and a discussion of daddy!kink ensues. Very fine POV Will here, especially because it shows the power that Will finds in being able to light Hannibal up like a rocket, with just a single word.

La Maison Rouge (Ranstad)
Hannibal makes a habit of coming over to make Will breakfast–for his own selfish reasons, of course. A nicely done POV Hannibal tale in which Lecter is far from a fluffy bunny–he’s a man that thinks about love in his own, unique way.

Longitude (aja)
Post-S3. Set in the immediate aftermath of “Wrath of the Lamb.” Having found refuge on Hannibal’s nearby boat (of course), wounds heal and feelings bubble up to the surface. One night, Will asks Hannibal to take him to bed, and Hannibal asks Will what he wants from their new lives together. And what this Will wants–oh. It’s gory. And beautiful. Excellent dark!Will here, and Hannibal as adoring/talkative lover gets me every time.

loose ends by the score (coloredink)
An alternative take on S3. Will’s found Hannibal in Palermo, and they’re living together–with just one rule: Will can touch Hannibal, but Hannibal can’t touch him. Sparse, exquisite, and perfect, this one. It’s beautiful.

The Moth and the Dark (emungere)
Will figures out that Hannibal’s the Ripper. But he wants a life with Hannibal, too. Compromises have to be made, and for once, it’s not Will who makes them. Great characterizations (bien sur from this author) and a tale that’s tidy and satisfying. There’s also an excellent podcast of this fic here.

Needs No Earthquake (lonelywalker)
Set immediately following “Su-zakana” (2.8)–i.e., the one with the horse womb. Will decides he and Hannibal are going to talk about Alana, about Hannibal’s relationship with her, and it isn’t pretty, what thinking about them together makes Will feel. An exploration of the intimacy between Hannibal and Will that’s both insightful, incredibly sexy, and a little bit sad. It offers no easy answers, everyone’s feelings are hurt, and oh, how I adore it.

A Particular Affinity (louise_lux)
I’m going to use the author’s summary here, because it’s perfect: “Will discovers that Hannibal has an olfactory disorder.” That’s all you need to know. And, too, that this one’s dirty, loving, and almost sweet. One of those stories that shows you why Will and Hannibal belong together, without question. Cannot rec this highly enough.

Past Our Satellites (shotgunsinlace)
Late night in Hannibal’s office, and Will Graham is in charge. Namely: he tells Hannibal to strip. Set in the “Will’s seducing Hannibal” section of S2, which is my happy happy place. While so many fics in this fandom are (understandably) all about Will as a sub, in one form or another, this one goes the other way: Will’s in control, and Hannibal likes it, and damn, reader, so do I. Great writing, sharp insights into dark!Will, and (duh) very hot. Be sure to check out the gorgeous gif set that inspired this tale; the author links to it in their notes.

revelation (fightlikeagirl)
Divinity!AU. Will is Hannibal’s favorite god to pray to. One day, the god is made flesh, and worship of a different kind ensues. I love Hannibal’s voice here; for all the AU of the setup, his voice is perfect. And Will is so wonderfully himself, for all of his godhood.

A shade did weave a dream (louise_lux)
Set in the wake of “Ouef” (1.4). After finding out that Hannibal gave Abigail psilocybin, Will asks for the same treatment. The results are rather different. What I like is that Will’s vulnerable here, but in a way that he–and Hannibal–are in control of. When the inevitable happens and they fall into each other’s arms (or, in Will’s case, to his knees), it feels not only right but utterly good, for both of them.

Taken for Rubies (emungere)
I adore this story. Let me tell you that flat out. There is caretaking!Will and caretaking!Hannibal. There’s Will Graham in panties, in garters, in a gorgeous suit that Hannibal picks out for him. There’s possessive!Hannibal. There’s fuckingsmart!Will. There’s adventure in Europe, separation, reunion, and some of the dirtiest, most gorgeous smut I’ve read in ages. Go read this. Right now.

walking gingerly across the bruised earth (coloredink)
Hannibal slips Will some THC–in sublime dessert, of course. Will gets gorgeously high. That’s it, really, but the conversation that unfolds–the discursive intimacies that unfurl–are in perfect tune with these characters. This one isn’t explicit–hell, there’s hardly any touching–but the longing, my friends, is so lovely.

Where All Ladders Start (emungere)
My favorite Hannigram fic. Picks up as an alternative opening for S2 and picks up steam from there. Hannibal breaks Will out of Chilton’s domain and they go on the run, sort of. Then Hannibal makes Will a promise that takes longer than they’d both like to come true. As always with emungere, Beverly Katz is amazing in this one, but we also get an aces version of Freddie. And the alternating Will and Hannibal POVs work beautifully. When S3 ended, “Ladders” was the story I ran to for comfort–not because it’s fluff (because it’s not) but because I wanted to spend more time in Hannibal‘s world, and there’s no better place to do that than here. And, bonus, emungere’s continued to update this story, so if you like long fics, that’s a plus, too.

Within Reach (emungere)
RPF.  A game that Mads and Hugh play on set takes on a life of its own. To wit: Hugh channels Hannibal’s character a little too well and Mads is a big, big fan. An intriguing premise fleshed out by some lovely characterization of both real people and imagined and an ending that’s neither easy or sweet. The best RPF I’ve read in this fandom–you’ll notice it’s the only one on this list.

You Can Be The Boss Daddy, You Can Be The Boss (PinkToby)
Will accidentally calls Hannibal “daddy” in bed. (Can you blame him?) Much to his surprise, Hannibal really like it. Hee! This is a cupcake of a tale, short and sweet. Very amusing (which, in this fandom? Amazing!) and sexy, in that Hannibal-can’t-control-himself sort of way.

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