5 thoughts on “SPN Fic Recs Updated

  1. ghostwiring

    J2?! Welcome to the dark side. It’s pretty here. Lemme know if you want recs to some really great stuff that will totally make you curl up in a ball and cry never to be the same again in the most beautiful way possible.

    1. Thanks, but I gotta disagree with you. It’s not the “dark side.” As a friend said, there’s good stuff in every genre, even one as weird as J2. And that’s cool and ok with me.

  2. ghostwiring

    Her J2 is brilliant, too. Especially “In Which Jared Makes A Realization ” (scorching hot airport PWP) and “Swings and Roundabouts,” which I am still trying to stop weeping about and recover from months later (it’s a big bang).

  3. ghostwiring

    Oh, I think you know that *I* don’t actually think its the dark side. It was a joke because you were avoiding it. I’ve been pretty much nothing but J2 for months now. Love the stuff. I think it’s some of the best fic out there. I’ve been dying for you to start reading so I could rec you some! So many incredibly talented people writing J2. I’m thrilled you’re reading it!

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