The Hamster In My Head Needs A Break

Yeah, even this isn’t helping.

Had one of those days today when everything made me angry, when the world was too fucking loud for my own good, like needles on a chalkboard bad, all that sound.

I tried my regular tricks: tried writing, tried sleeping, tried noise-canceling headphones. Tried blasting AC/DC in the car, tried weak margaritas and pizza. Nothing’s worked.

So I’m resigned, I guess, to being a bundle of energy, a handful of quarters with no place to spend them, no ski-ball machines in sight.

To being a little pissed, a little jittery, a little out of my head for awhile until I can calm the fuck down. Take a breath and read something, really read it. Finish that story, all four of them that are floating around right now. Can kick off the anxiety and relax enough to get something done.

Until then, until when, I don’t know.