The Right State of Mind

Most of my stories start like this, as semi-legible scribbles:


Sometimes those scribbles end up scrawled on my whiteboard, sometimes they land on post-it notes that then drown among their brethren.

The kernel of this story has been hanging out on my office wall since last fall. This week, for some reason, I just sat down and wrote the damn thing in two days.

My writing process, illustrated. My brain’s either a crock pot or a flash fryer. Pretty much no in-between.

Anyway! On to some fluffy amnesia fic!

After an unfortunate encounter with a blow to the head, Derek has no clue who he is. The one thing he can’t forget, however, is that he’s dating Stiles. And, well, Stiles can’t bring himself to correct the record, even when he really, really should.

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Sterek Rec List Added

Yeah, I feel like it was inevitable: I’ve added a page of Sterek fic recs. I’ve been reading a lot of it lately—because, holy gods, is there a lot out there!—and these are some of the stories I’ve enjoyed. On a meta level, it’s very interesting to be reading into fandom that’s still going strong, hot, and heavy. And they’ve got some great writers, too.

No Net Ensnares Me

Title borrowed with love from Jane Eyre. Wrote this just for myself, because the first line grabbed me, and I kinda feel like that’s the best reason, these days.

Most people wonder is there anything more? But Stiles knows the answer: there is. And he can’t pretend he’s ok with normal life anymore.

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