The Vest Pulls Out

Rick Santorum has dropped out of the Presidential race.

And I? Am a little sad, perhaps.

No doubt: the man is a bigot, a misogynist, and a homophobe. And one of the worst order: a true believer who’s certain that it’s God who told him how and who to hate.

But he did the nation a great favor, accidentally.

He said things publically that most conservatives will not. He spoke the crazy to the people and started conversations that began “Rick Santorum” and “WTF”?

It’s more difficult now, I think, for Republicans as a whole to claim that they only care about jobs, that they’re focused on the economy, when, thanks in part to Santorum, they’ve been  shouting about the evils of birth control and Planned Parenthood and women’s health for three months.

So Rick: thank you for your service. For whipping out the ol’ talking points on porn, on abortion, on the steady degradation of the “American family” under Democratic economic policies and repeating them, straight-faced, into the camera. As a country, I think we’re better off having stared the crazy in the face than having continued to pretend that it wasn’t really there at all.

Oh, and thanks for being a good sport about the whole inspiration-for-hot-Wincest thing. Appreciate that.

Vestmentum Returns!


The Vest returns from the dead! Again!

Man, you think Romney would have learned to burn the bones by now. Sheesh.

It’s like Newt and Santorum are trying to out-Carrie each other in this thing. Amazing.

I wonder if the mainstream GOP hatchets who came after Newt post-Carolina will try to do the same thing to the Vest. Let’s see: can’t attack his fidelity to his family (he’s so Catholic that he makes the Pope look lapsed). Can’t attack his record in Congress as easily as you can Newt’s, either, as he did not hold a leadership position and also didn’t have a hard-on for the camera like a certain former Speaker.

However, expect to see him nailed on the issue of “earmarks,” a word that makes the Tea Parties frothier than, well, you know. Still, that attack won’t trump his religious appeal to self-declared evangelical voters, I don’t think. Which is kind of amazing, since he’s so damn Catholic. 40 years ago, JFK’s faith was a liability; now, it’s one of the Vest’s biggest selling points. I suspect it’s also a lot of “Not Mormon” rather than “Yay Catholic.” Just keep mentioning those God and Jesus fellas, Rick, and the evangelical will keep dancing to your tune.

The Romney peeps are pushing hard against the “he fucked up” narrative pretty hard; they started launching preemptive this-is-no-big-deal messages to the press last night even before all of the (admittedly non-binding) results were in. [I wonder if the Vest would even want to play in contests that are ‘binding,’ but. Ew.] Still, Mittens has definitely lost the AM news cycle and it’s a big power up for the Vestmentum.

Dr. Paul and Newt were both under the media invisibility cloak last night, and they’ll have to fight a bit harder to get their message out–especially Newt. Paul is talking to a very specific subset audience and his campaign, it seems to me, is structured to appeal directly to that electorate. Newt and his flesh torpedo of a “campaign,” on the other hand–I have no idea who he’s trying to appeal to, now, other than people who are willing to buy his books.

His “No Sleep Till The Convention” strategy strikes me as hilarious and potentially profitable for our side and a real wild card for the GOP. His campaign is the political equivalent of a butterfly in the chaos effect–the hurricane warnings are up for Typhoon Newt, but how might that affect Hurricane Rick? All will be revealed, I suppose, as the GOP keeps writing the 2012 presidential race in real time.