The Road Ahead

Part of embracing this whole “the way opens” mindset for me is appreciating all the cool shit I get to do this term. I love going to conferences, as a rule, but my line-up for the next few months is particularly outstanding.


Like the man’s hips said: awesome.

To wit:

In March, my friend and colleague cymbalism and I will be at the Society for Media and Cinema Studies Con in Montreal, Canada. There, we’ll be presenting the next evolution of our work on Charlie Bradbury. We gave the first version of this at MAPACA in November of last year; this time around, we’ll have to grapple both with the events of Supernatural‘s 200th episode and Charlie’s latest (and last?) appearance in the series, which aired last week. Revising this baby will be great fun, even though we’ll only have 15 minutes (!!) to present this time around. And we’re not presenting until the last day, so we’ll have like four days to run around Montreal and to meet some of the smart people whose work we cite in our paper.

This conference is a big honking deal in media studies, and we were freaking certain that we wouldn’t get in. So add that to hello, CANADA, and yeah, we’re fired up.

Then, in April, I’ll be attending the Popular Culture Association/American Cultural Assocation National Con in New Orleans, LA. Man, so much good stuff here! PCA/ACA is my favorite conference, hands down. First, I’ll get to hang out with lots of great colleagues. Second, I’ll talking about TSA America as a space of mutual seduction, and aca-wanking about Misha Collins is always fun, especially when he’s, uh–

tsa america misha on his knees


Third, I’ll be ring-mastering an event in which badass academic women will be reading smutty fanfic in public, which will be a freaking BLAST. And Karra is dragging me on an Anne Rice tour. Oh! And a bunch of MA students from my program are going to be there, too. Plus, I’ve never been to New Orleans before. Yeah, PCA/ACA is going to be amazing.

In May, huzzah, I’ll be attending “A Celebration of Supernatural” at DePaul University, Chicago. I was invited to participate in this event, a whole day of academics and fans talking about Supernatural. Seriously. I still can’t believe that. It’s nine kinds of awesome, not gonna lie. And hanging out with fellow SPN aca-wankers? Amazing.

Bonus: Cymbalism is coming. Hurray! And, weirdly, the SPN writer who wrote most of the episodes that Cym and I take on in our work about Charlie is going to be the keynote speaker at this thing.


SO STRANGE. What a profoundly weird field fan studies is, man.

BTW, anyone can go to this thing. It’s totally free. Check out the event’s website for more info about date, location, etc.

And finally, in June, there’s the Rhetoric & Religion Workshop, Rhetorical Society of America, Madison, WI–the only event on my calendar that’s even vaguely related to my dissertation. Heh! But I’m looking forward to 36 hours discussing rhetorical scholarship and religion. I’m very very curious to meet other scholars doing work in this area.

So yes! There’s lots of great stuff coming up this semester. And yes, at some point, I’ll have to finish the dissertation and defend it and graduate or whatever, you know. Heh!

But for now, today, I’m just choosing to focus on the awesome.


Just for today, man! Come on. Cut me some slack. Real life’ll hit soon enough.

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