Dear Universe: Fine. You Win This Round.

So here’s what I did today (in the realm of “no one gives a shit but it makes it better to say it, somehow”):

  1. Slept in (+)
  2. Met up with friend for conversation/studying (+)
  3. Me: Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn’t love you back?
    Friend: Uh oh.
    [30 minutes of angst later]
    Friend: Well, you should probably just cut off all contact with him.
    Me: Damn it. (+/-)
  4. Somehow got into angsty and occasionally heartbreaking virtual conversation with said person for whom I hold a torch in vain that takes all afternoon, resolves nothing, and yet feels like a step forward in terms of…something (- at the time/+ perhaps in retrospect)
  5. Got annoyed with neighbors playing “I Want You To Want Me” every 10 minutes for an hour. Universe, you’re not as hilarious as you think. (-)
  6. Spent two hours on the porch with neighborhood cat snoring in my lap and reading semi-decent Cockles fics (+)
  7. Spent another hour on the couch with my own cats reading more semi-decent Cockles and answering student emails (+)
  8. Discovered that one of my Destiel fics inspired another writer to create her own take on the story’s scenario. A scenario penned, ironically, by said person who must endure my unrequited love. (+)
  9. Resolve that the universe has sick sense of humor. (sigh)

2 thoughts on “Dear Universe: Fine. You Win This Round.

  1. JB

    I agree the Universe has a very twisted, effed up sense of humor. I know that first hand as well. Iknow this post is older for you, but being new here, I am playing catch up on all this stuff, fanfic, slash etc, Being a newbie ain’t easy. But I like visiting here and reading your stuff. Thanx again.

    1. You’re quite welcome–cheers for visiting. Yeah, the universe has its own strange sense of humor. I’m better off when I just go with it rather than trying to get the gods to explain their jokes.

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