Saturday Night Beauty

I picked this romance novel up at Goodwill today simply because of the cover. Its beauty struck me among the sea of Danielle Steele novels in which it was encased.

Backcover summary:

“For Jessica Banbridge, it begins with a heartbreaking tragedy and a new friend…No sooner have her eyes adapted to the shimmering island sun, [sic] than two men block the light from view–forceful, charming Kyle Tarkington and volatile, mysterious Winston St. James.”

So, an NFL quarterback and an heir to a cigarette fortune? Sure.

Random sample sentence

“The dress was worth it; the fear was worth it; everything was worth the look on his face.”

Huh. I kind of like that one, despite the weird use of semi-colons.

What I love about this cover:

  1. It features the only the heroine. Period. It doesn’t rely on an image of a Beef McLarge Huge hero to pull you, dear reader, in;
  2. The heroine is lovely [and proportional!] without being over-the-top “sexy.” Her dress is simple, appropriate to the setting, and actually kind of pretty, especially with the accompanying purple wrap;
  3. In fact, she kind of looks like Olivia Wilde. Win.; and
  4. The image manages to highlight the title without hitting you over the head with it. “Suffer a Sea Change” is kind of an ethereal idea, a little more abstract than “His Majesty’s Harlot,” or whatever. The combination of the grey skies, the coming dusk [or dawn–it’s hard to tell], the beach/boat scene, and our heroine next to a blue-toned sea both sets the scene for the story’s action (a tropical paradise; specifically, Bermuda) and is suggestive of a more literal interpretation of the title. I assume, not having yet read the text, that Jessica herself will not undergo a “sea change,” but, her love life will follow this metaphor nicely before docking happily in a happily ever after.

Now, will its text live up to its packaging? We shall see.

One thought on “Saturday Night Beauty

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